Closed pallet boxes

Closed pallet boxes Closed pallet boxes Closed pallet boxes Closed pallet boxes Closed pallet boxes

Closed pallet boxes


Helesi pallet boxes are an ideal packaging system adapted to a wide range of agricultural and industrial uses. Dimensions are designed so as to optimize space utilization in trucks, containers and warehouses. They are made from non-toxic plastic materials. Additionally, the rounded corners and smooth inner surface facilitate cleaning. Robust design guarantees reliable performance for storage, stacking and transportation of food or industrial goods.


The closed version pallet box is suitable for liquids and resistant to both diluted and concentrated acid and alkaline solutions, due to the high quality raw materials used for their production.


The double walled structure, with corner and centre-sided columns, and the conformation of the bottom, featuring reinforcement ribs, guarantee greater resistance to compression load. These features render the pallet boxes suitable for heavy loads and storage of bulk and packaged products and liquids. The liquid drainage outlet, fitted in the inner surfaces of the pallet boxes, has 1" or 2" diameter, enabling the easy and hygienic cleaning of the box interior.


Model Dimensions (AxBxC) Capacity
GV-C 1076 1200x1000x760mm 680lt
GV-C 1058 1200x1000x580mm 450lt
GV-C 0876 1200x800x760mm 470lt
GV-C 0858 1200x800x580mm 330lt
GV-C 1161 1130x1130x610mm 520lt
GV-C 1176 1130x1130x760mm  690lt
NV-C 1158 1130x1130x580mm 470lt
NV-C 1163 1130x1130x630mm  525lt
NV-C 1276 1200x1100x760mm  670lt
NV-C 121076 1200x1000x760mm  620lt
GV-C 121163 1200x1100x630mm  560lt
GV-C 121176 1200x1100x760mm  720lt
GV-C 121185  1200x1100x850mm 825lt
GV-C 121263  1200x1200x630mm  620lt
GV-C 121276  1200x1200x760mm 790lt
GV-C 121285  1200x1200x850mm  920lt