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The Fbin system responds to the need for independent access and use of garbage disposal sites by people with disabilities.

Its pioneering design enables the bin lid to be opened by ergonomically mounted magnetic card reader or alternatively via ergonomically positioned buttons for wheelchair users - and generally people with disabilities - ensuring user-friendly access to the waste bins. In the standard equipment an electrically operated foot pedal is included.

The system is available with one (1) or two (2) four-wheel garbage and/or recyle bins of a total capacity of 1.100 and 2.200 lt respectively.

Based on the rules of bioclimatic design, is operated exclusively through a 10W 12V photovoltaic panel, while through a smart start automation, that only activates the system during use, efficient power saving is achieved. Standard equipment includes a pre-composting system of biodegradable organic wastes by means of a fan suitably fitted on the lid.

The metal frame of the bin allows for easy use by the municipal waste collection staff while the lid's mounting on the fixed frame of the system and not on the bin body eliminates the possibility of damage to both the bin or the vehicle collector vehicles due to misuse during waste collection.