Hellenic Environmental Systems Industry S.A. named "Helesi", studies, designs and implements integrated waste management systems. We manufacture plastic waste bins of all capacities as well as specialized high density polyethylene (HDPE) products such as pallet boxes, fish crates, bread crates, domestic waste bins, seats etc. In addition, we supply any product directly or through a dealer network. At the same time, we provide waste management services (area cleansing, waste container washing and disinfecting, waste collection, waste management studies, sanitary landfill operations etc.), as well as in the import, marketing and technical support of vehicles such as garbage collectors, container washing vehicles, sweepers etc.


Focused on quality, all our manufactured products and provided services, are certified according to ISO 9001 by the German Organization TUVRheinland concerning manufacturing and commercial activity. All of the products are certified by approved International Institutes in accordance with the standards EN-840 and the compliance with quality and safety management system standards.


Offices - Facilities


A. Group head office

The group head office is located at 10 Pythagorou Street, PC 2040, Nicosia, Cyprus.


B. Head office of Helesi S.A.

The head office of the Greek company is located at 19, Aghiou Ioannou Street, Aigio Achaias.


C. Central offices
The central offices are located in the Industrial Park of Markopoulo in Mesogaia, location Ntorovateza, P.C. 19003.


D. Industrial facilities


1. Industrial Area of Komotini

The production unit of plastic products of the company, located in the industrial area of Komotini, is spread out within two privately owned properties, with a total area of 53.000m², with 22.700m² industrial premises. The unit has high-tech production equipment for plastic moulding with the use of electronic and robotic art systems of the latest technology. There is also a research and development department (R & D department) for new products which meets the specialized needs of any customer worldwide providing new solutions.


2. Industrial Area of Markopoulo, Attiki

The fully modernized facilities located in the Industrial Park of Markopoulo operate within a privately owned property of 5.161m², out of which 4.479m² are facilities. Apart from the head office of the group, there is a service centre as well as warehouses for spare parts and products.



The Group



The company Helesi is part of the Helesi Plc group along with the following companies:


  • Helesi Plc with head office in Cyprus
  • Helesi S.A. with head office in Greece
  • Helesi Trans with head office in Cyprus
  • AZ Perivallontiki Ltd with head office in Cyprus
  • Helesi Italia S.R.L. with head office in Italy