Underground systems

Underground systems Underground systems Underground systems Underground systems

Underground systems


The automated underground bin system, designed and manufactured by Helesi S.A, is a pioneering underground refuse collection system based not only on the need for aesthetic upgrading of communal areas but also on the provision for more free public space, especially in large urban centers.

The system is available with two (2) four-wheel bins and a two-chamber cabin or alternatively four (4) four-wheel bins and two chambers with a total of four dump ports, with a total capacity of 2,200 and 4,400 lt respectively. Each bin can be used for both household waste and recyclable materials with corresponding marking in the disposal port.

The overground part of the system includes the waste disposal ports and is elegantly designed to complement the surrounding area aesthetics. The opening of each port is done through electric foot pedal. Through the slots the waste ends up in 1.100 liter bins (according to EN 840 2/5/6), which are located below the ground surface.

The undergound part of the system consists of a high standard metallic structure of extremely reliable operation. When collecting the bins, the underground section is lifted by remote control at the ground level, allowing for easy collection and repositioning by the municipal staff. Upon completion of the collection, the system returns to its original position.

The system is fully compatible with the existing waste disposal equipment of the Municipality, to which no further intervention is required. The power supply is made by means of a suitable coupling with the electricity grid or alternatively by proper coupling with the battery of the municipal waste collection vehicle. In the case of coupling with the waste truck, the handling is done through an ergonomically designed wired controller located on the system.

Additional equipment may include:

  • Remaining bin capacity indicator.
  • Automatic locking of the discharge port when the bin is full.
  • Photovoltaic panel for supplying the above systems in case of operation by coupling with the waste truck.