Bread crate

Bread crate Bread crate Bread crate Bread crate

Bread crate


The optimal food storage and transport system


The new Helesi bread crate is absolutely stackable thanks to its smart design, particularly functional for transport, storage and exhibition of food products and other goods. Due to its low weight and ergonomic design, it guarantees easy transport, proper stacking and protected storage of bakery and other food products.


Designed specifically for use in the food industry, this bread crate is manufactured from virgin polyethylene or polypropylene with non-toxic colours certified especially for food products.


Through its high life expectancy and versatile usage, the bread crate meets the highest requirements of the food industry.


It is manufactured according to directives of ISO 14001 & 9001, quite strict rules which are implemented in the industrial sector.


The bread crate is produced in two versions, each one of different height. Customized names, logos, instructions, serial numbers and graphics can be embossed or heat-sealed on the body or the lid of the bin in order to render the classification of the containers possible.



Type External dimensions (AxBxC) Weight Volume
Low 125x600x400mm 1,1kg 26,5lt
Medium 150x600x400mm 1,2kg 27,6lt
High 240x600x400mm 1,7kg 51,1lt