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Helesi BioActor is a fast garden composter comprising seven stackable frames, which "grow" according to the quantity and height of compost. Thus it facilitates the filling and ensures optimum ventilation. The frame elements can be stabilized by embodying rods or pipes through the build-in holes.


The BioActor speeds up the composting process by insulating the decomposing material from fluctuations in exterior heat or cold, thereby guaranteeing constant and ideal temperatures. Insulation is provided by the three integrated layers making up each frame. Both inner and outer ventilation walls promote aeration, while the middle insulation wall serves to prevent the penetration of excessive moisture from the outside.


It is equipped with a snap-on protection lid, which disposes an adjustable aeration dome. This guarantees optimum air circulation and speeds up the composting process.

Each frame consists of three integrated layers:

  • A perforated inner ventilation wall
  • An insulating middle wall
  • A perforated outer ventilation wall

Comparative advantages of Helesi BioActor:

  • Composting time reduced up to 25%
  • Unpleasant odours avoided
  • No leakage from organic waste
  • Practical, good value for money


Tests have proved the high effectiveness of the BioActor. The protective lid with its aeration dome significantly increases the effectiveness of the composting process, particularly in extreme temperatures.
The perforations of the outer and inner walls guarantee good aeration and optimize the supply of oxygen. The closed centre wall prevents the direct influxes of cold air.


Helesi BioActor has a standard capacity of 360Lt (5 frames) or 500Lt (7 frames).
Each frame has a volume of 72.5Lt and its outer dimensions are: 92x92x13.5cm exterior & 78x78cm interior