As part of the Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship programme (EΠAN II) funded by the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Helesi participated in the PAYT (code 11ΣΥΝ_8_1297) programme in collaboration with four other partners, universities and companies.


Pay As You Throw (PAYT) schemes involve charging of waste management services proportionally to the quantity of waste produced by each household. Each PAYT scheme is adjusted according to the waste collection method used or the charging method selected. Different settings are applied according to weight or volume of waste which are used and depend on the economic or social conditions of each region.


The project aims at developing and implementing a customized user (recycler) identification system (smart card, thumb scan, PIN, etc.) which will be provided by local authorities and citizens' information regarding waste production and composition.


The identification system was applied to a series of recycling bins, and a digital scale was used in order to determine the weight of the collected recyclables, while transmitting the output to a server.


A web-based application is used to check the recycling progress, collect points and claim benefits (i.e. products, services or reduction in the waste charges).


Helesi’s significant contribution was to develop such systems based on all these features.


Five such systems have been implemented on a pilot scale.