Production unit

The production unit of plastic and recycling products is located in the industrial area of Komotini within a privately owned property of 53.500m², with 22.700m² industrial premises.


The mechanical equipment of the unit is of the latest technology and is completely automated using special software and industrial robots.


The plant is comprised of 18 injection machines of latest technology with a clamping force of 150 to 5.500 tons and over 120 moulds of various products. The production capacity of the factory is more than 25.000 tons of polyethylene per year. Furthermore, there is a possibility of producing all types of bins with an integral print IML of high quality printing and colour.


The manufactured products are plastic waste containers of all capacities, pallet boxes, material handling products as well as a wide range of other HDPE plastic products. 


In details the products are:


  • Plastic waste bins from 60LT up to 360LT


  • Plastic waste containers from 660LT up to 1100LT


  • Open and closed pallet boxes


  • Composters


  • Pre-sorting bins


  • Domestic bins


  • Stadium seats


  • Plastic pallets


  • Multi-way crates


  • Bread crates


  • Fish crates

The company of Helesi. Interior view of recycle bins implementation and at the point of construction line.